The new Project: Jimny to G Class Methamorphose

My brand new car

The Suzuki Jimny has been considered as the common man’s Mercedes G-Class for a very long time now. Other than the boxy looks and off-road abilities, these two cars are completely different from each other.

While the G-Class is a legend in its own right, the little Japanese SUV has been winning hearts all over the world for its quirky, almost cute looks. Although a lot of parallels are drawn between the two, have you ever thought about what it would be like to pit them against each other?

The source of inspiration ( don’t be too afraid, guys. Guy and Paolo )

Compare two cars 😉

The Transformation

The old school rear lights were replaced by up-to-date LED lights in dark look

Oh my God. Benz Emblems on a Jimny

The horror continues

A big car needs a long ladder
Why not include CB and wide band Antenna connections and high performance Traffic jam emergency lights ?

The little G Class needs a front protection

Protection madness continues ...

Wide, wider, 60mm wheel track extension

Instead of a high end FrontRunner roof kit, an Thule rack has been mounted. This decision was not so easy, but quick unmounting is also an option ...

Good work needs good Marketing. See you at

Info’s, Part lists and other useful information –> Under construction

Greetings to all Offroad and Survival guys :-)